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Add: No. 2 Yangwan Industrial Zone  Qiaoxia Town Yongjia

County Wenzhou city Zhejiang Province
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Management: scientific management and pursuit of excellence
Standardization of enterprise management, standardization of quality management, standardization of marketing management and star management of service. Scientific management, soaring nine clouds, pursuing excellence and setting up a hundred years brand image.
Talents: elite gather and dream together.
We are committed to building a learning organization, striving to achieve self-realization through learning, enhance self-worth, the pursuit of personality development and teamwork awareness of harmony, through constant learning to keep pace with the times!
Bottom rhyme: colorful life
The rhyme of culture is given to your thinking mind; the tide of the times is given to your wings; cultivating sentiment, flying dreams, adhering to the sacred mission of the group, we want to compete with the sky.
Environment: concentrate on cohesion and sow the future.
How far we can think, how far we can go, what we think, what we do and what we do. Thought is the most vital flower, symbolizing wisdom, which means lofty and endless. Thoughts stretch through time and space and surpass the past.


Specialization / technology / Internationalization

Demanding material is the guarantee of quality. We pursue quality, which is the premise of honor.

We thirst for honor. This is our success.

We firmly believe that hard work, sweat and tireless efforts will create a brighter future for us.